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SnapShooter 1.5b2 - Create custom border thumbnails for forum use. Free
ViewIt 2.26 - Nice and easy image browser. Shareware
MediaMaid Open Phase I, II and III 6.0.1 - Media asset management solution for Filemaker. Demo
Vertigo 3D Dizzy 1.0 - Loads 3D models into Adobe Photoshop. Demo
Extensis Portfolio 8.5.1 - Set of powerful tools for managing digital content. Updater
AKVIS Sketch 6.5 - Convert photos into pencil sketches and watercolor drawings. Shareware
Multimedia Tiler 1.7 - Mosaic-like images from QT graphics files. (was QuickTime Tiler) Shareware
PTMac 4.1 - Create panoramic views. Shareware
QuikViewer 1.1 - Compact, efficient image viewer. Free
Vertigo 3D Words 1.0 - Create 3D fonts in Adobe Illustrator. Demo
Itsagif (PPC) 0.96 - Converts PICT files into GIF files. Shareware
Itsagif (68k) 0.96 - Converts PICT files into GIF files. Shareware
Vertigo 3D HotTEXT (PPC) - Place 3D text along paths. Demo
Extensis PhotoTools 3.0.7 - Photoshop effects plug-in. Demo
SuperBladePro 1.5.2 - Photoshop filter for 3D textures, lighting & more. Shareware
Save My Whiteboard X 2.0 - Whiteboard program for processing photos. Free
Live Picture Updater 2.6.2 - Get more out of your copy of Live Picture. Updater
ZeboPhoto 1.9.1 - View, transform, and print images. Shareware
GIFConverter 2.4.5d5 - View & converts graphic files of many different formats. Shareware
PassportPicture 1.2b1 - Print passport photos. Demo
Test Strip 3.0 - Proof and correct Photoshop images. Demo
smartGIF (PPC) 1.0.2 - Photoshop plug-ins makes saving web images easy. Demo
Fractal Domains 2.0.6 - Create fractal images. Shareware
PhotoGIF 4.0 - Create and edit GIF images. Shareware
Image Doctor 2.0 - Removes blenishes & defects for digital images. Demo
Media Cataloger 2.0 - Manage your multimedia and Web files. Demo
PhotoFrame Pro 3.1 - Create a unique frame border around any image. Demo
ProView Updater 2.0.1 - Fixes minor bugs found in version 2.0. Updater
Mask Pro 4.1.2 - Photoshop plug-in takes the pain out of creating image masks. Demo
iPhoto Librarian 1.2 - Launch iPhoto with a different library folder. Free
Callisto 1.1 - Photoshop plug-in easily creates textures, terrains and spheroidal objects. Shareware
webAlias 1.5 - Image map and Web design editor. Demo
CocoPad 1.0 - Simple drawing pad works with mouse or tablet/pen. Free
Video Funhouse 1.1 - Skew, bulge, twist and pinch images. Shareware
YVS Picture Translator 1.3 - Scriptable image converter. Free
Harmony 1.0 - Photoshop plug-in to create harmonous colors for print or web graphics. Demo
Adobe Photoshop 6.0 - Professional photo and graphic design editing application. Demo
FujiyamaSlideShow 2.0 - Image and movie browser. Shareware
PhotoEdit 1.3.2 - Powerful image editor. Shareware
Polymerge 1.35 - Photoshop plug-in combines image gangs into odd composites. Demo
Morph Age 4.0b - Morph faces, warp images and movies, Pro version available. Demo
Glitterato 1.12 - Photoshop plug-in creates stars and nebula landscapes. Shareware
Panopticum Lens Pro 3.0 - Lens filter for Photoshop allows extreme flexibility. Demo
Adobe ImageReady Updater 1.0.1 - Fixes a few problems in version 1.0. Updater
RealZoom 1.6 - Get a close-up look at whatever is on your screen. Shareware
Cameraid 1.3.1 - All in one digital photography program. Shareware
Mavicadabra! (PPC) 1.2 - Speeds up the process of copying files from Sony Mavica digital cameras. Demo
text2graphic Pro 2.1 - Transforms text files into graphic files. Demo
JView 2.6 - View multiple image formats. Free
SolarCell 1.52 - Photoshop plug-in creates fantastic surreal suns. Shareware
PhotoGridX 1.8 - Image viewer & thumbnail resizer. Shareware
Bibble 4.9.9 - Professional RAW photo processing. Demo
ICC VectorPro (PPC) 3.0 - Precisely reproduce vector colors such as Pantone colors and special logo colors. Demo
RepTile r1v5 - Stitches images together, form maps. Free
AV Bros. GuideMaster 1.2 - Photoshop CS guide placing script. Demo
LiteLabel 2.4.2 - Lite edition of DiscLabel. Free
PhotoLine 32 14.11 - Powerful image effects processor and transparent gif converter. Shareware
Flickr Uploadr 3.0.5 - Drag and drop batch photo uploader. Free
Yet Another Viewer 2.1.3 - View images in JPEG, GIF, and PICT formats. Shareware
Rainbow Painter 2.0.1 - Painting and photo retouching graphics tool. Shareware
ScreenCaptureX 1.4 - Capture your screen with ease. Free
Thumbnailer 1.0.2 - Add and remove image icons recursively. Demo
Adobe Photoshop AltiVec Plug-in 5.5 - Enhances Photoshop performance on G4 Macintosh computers. Free
Xhatch 1.5.1 - Photoshop plug-in creates textures from traditional pen-and-ink rendering. Demo
TwilightBrush 3.5.3 - All-in-one photo-editing/paint program. Demo
Foto Trimmer X 2.3 - Scale, stretch, flip, rotate & trim images. Shareware
autoResize 1.1 - Simple image resizer. Free
Timeature 1.0.2 - Adjust the Image Date field of images imported into Aperture. Shareware
iPhoto Mailer Patcher 4.1 - Patch iPhoto to send images directly via email. Free
EXIFutils 2.7 - Command Line EXIF manipulation tools. Shareware
Aurelon PhotoPro LensTools 1.0.2 - Photoshop plug-in corrects image distortions. Demo
Salvage 1.3 - Tool for recovering digital photos from corrupt removable media. Shareware
LuraWave Photoshop plug-in 2.6 - Reduce the size of images in Photoshop using LuraWave format. Demo
XMedia 1.1.2 - HyperCard stack can open and edit images, video, and audio tracks. Free
PhotoKit SHARPENER 1.2.6 - Produces the optimum sharpness on any image. Shareware